25 May 2009

Photos of graffitis

Planet Graffiti Photo Galleries:

18 February 2009

New World Guiness Record of Spanish rapper "El Chojin"

The Spanish Rap doesn't stop of surprising us, this time was " El Chojin", who in front of the cameras and thousands of spectators, he was able to suceed the old Guiness world record
of "pronnuncing the most number of sylabes per minute"

"El Chojin" rapped for one minute his song "Vo-ca-li-za" at extremmely fast velocity, and noone could understand him.

How could they count the syllables??, as you are thinking now, very easy, the judges recorded his voice with a computer, and later they played it slowly. At this way they can see what words was pronounced right and they count it.

Video of "El Chojin" succeding the Guinees record.

25 September 2008

Homemade air conditioner

How to make a homemade air conditioner with cool/hot function. Video tutorial.

Homemade Air Conditioner - More free videos are here

04 July 2008

Art between the walls

Today we present a new set of graffitis. Some of these pieces participated on Canet's Graffiti contest from '06. Nowadays, any of these art pieces exist, so we could classify the following photos as 'picture archive'. In short, a fairly small gallery buy full of high quality art.Watch picture gallery.

Watch full gallery.

The temple of Graffiti

This selection comes from Canet D'En Berenguer, an entertainment venue, recently abandoned. There we found some high quality graffiti from various talented artists. Watching these pieces, one realizes who important urban art is , and how, day after day, the number of people wanting to show their emotions and feelings through it, increases.Watch photo gallery.

Watch full gallery

22 June 2008

Amazing graffiti festival

Today, we bring you a new graffiti collection, come directly from Canet D’en Berenguer (Spain) and its Canet Graffiti ’07 Festival. During this Hip-Hop culture festival, graffiti artists create their works on an enormous mural which completely changes the urban aesthetics of the zone. We can find high quality works along a greatly tour through the streets of this beautiful valencian village. Here they are: See photographic gallery.

Go to full photo gallery

18 June 2008

Graffitis from Sagunto, El Puerto and Granada

One of our visitors sent us these awesome videos everyone of you, fans of graffiti, will surely enjoy. The first two, are based on Sagunto, El puerto and some other places around the Camp de Morvedre, in Valencia. The third one is dedicated to Granada and its beautiful graffiti pieces we can find around the city. Each video has its nice sound track and several special effects. Thanks to Fontorres and all of our visitors who constantly send us news and videos. Keep up the good work!